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Meeting with Mr. Ronim Einav

On 7 May 2013 the year at the Business Center Club – Lubomirski Palace Square, the Iron Gate 136 held a meeting with Mr. Ronim Einav. The initiator of the project of issue of the Polish edition of the book “On the corner of Nordau and Wall Street” by the Polish Market and conducting meetings and visits in Warsaw Mr. Pinhas Romica.

Patron of the meeting was the Polish Market and the House of Israel-Poland. At the meeting, the special guest was Israeli Ambassador in Poland – Mr. Zvi Rav-Ner.

Mr. Roni Einav, the son of Polish immigrants, is a pioneer in the IT market in Israel. The book “On the corner of Nordau and Wall Street” is the memories and history of innovative IT companies – New Dimension Software. Founded in the eighties, a small technology company has become one of the most famous enterprises Israeli and successfully conquered markets in Europe and the USA. The book presents the history of the company from humble beginnings, through the dynamic development and the fight against adversities, putting on Wall Street until sales close to $ 700 million.

The meeting was intended primarily for representatives of Polish business.

The author talked about their experiences and presented the secrets of management, which allowed him to achieve success.

On our website we present an interview he gave us Mr. Roni Einav.