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Graphology Solutions Group

Graphology Solutions Group operates in the Polish market since 2008 and specializes in consulting and grafologicznym coachingowym.

We work with companies Scandinavian, English, German, Israeli, French and Polish. The uniqueness of graphology consulting and coaching grafologicznego is a quality that distinguishes Graphology Solutions Group in the market. Comfort for the client connected to the high efficiency of the consultation makes the method of analysis graphology valuable.

Consultations offered by Graphology Graphology Solutions Group are based on proven standards of UK. Our consultations graphology and coaching are exclusive and designed for the highest management level in companies and institutions. We support recruitment processes, define potential and career paths of staff, assessing the compatibility of business partners and team members, self-management and self-development, coaching processes and all projects in the HR departments of companies. For individual customers, we offer career counseling. Consultation Graphology are built on a solid and verified in practical knowledge, which dates back to ancient China, Egypt, Greece and other cultures.