New Pattern

New Pattern offers its customers a broad spectrum of products ranging from the film przeciwprężnych through the finish foils prepreg, postimpregnat foils, decorative papers, and the whole …
is supplemented by matching the color foil paper edges meblowymi.

Decorative papers and finish foils are widely used in the production of a variety of wood surfaces with which produce furniture, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or laminate flooring. Printed our decors are a perfect reproduction of natural materials and fancy designs. In his collection have decors, which m. In. They are among the hits of design both in Poland and European markets, and include oak, beech, cherry, alder, Plum, Walnut or Wenge. Our collection of printing cylinders is constantly updated with new models that meet the changing trends in furniture design.

Printing on paper in our company is carried out in rotogravure and runs on machines with four printing stations. This allows printing on paper very complex decors while ensuring high quality output. Cooperation with the best grawerniami cylinders allows for clarity and harmony to the drawing superimposed successive cylinders.

Overprint is made standard on paper width 1850-2200mm, using water-based paints based on organic, free from elements of heavy metal pigments. The stability and reproducibility of color provides us with a detailed quality control performed by qualified staff supported by modern laboratory equipment.