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Real estate financing in Poland and Israel

On October 20, 2016 in Warsaw, Poland Israel Chamber of Commerce organized for members and supporters of the House briefing on the financing of real estate in Poland and Israel

Leading meeting was Blazej Grabowski – Vice-English language economy magazine “Polish Market”

It was the first meeting of the morning business meetings for members and supporters of the House, to explore new economic characteristics of the markets of both countries. Debuting event was entitled: ‘The methods of financing for real estate markets in Poland and Israel – comparative analysis’.

At Thursday’s meeting was attended by 27 people, both members of the Chamber of Commerce Israel – Poland, as well as those outside it as guests.

The meeting was attended also – Mrs. Ruth Cohen-Dar Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Israel in Poland, and Mrs. Shir Slutzky new Commercial Attache of Israel in Poland.

Information themed wygłosiło two speakers – Richard Kulczyk – President of the Group of NDF and Avi Companion, a licensed real estate agent in Israel.

Moderator Blazej Grabowski, Vice President of Polish Market, presented the speakers and gave the following thematic introduction