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Innovation Champions Workshops

Innovation Champions Workshops

Series of value-driven sessions between Startup Nation’s experts and the Polish innovation ecosystem leaders.

CREATORS and the Brain Embassy invite you to take part in a workshop to boost your innovation strategy, knowledge of the newest trends and know-how of the tools and methods straight from Israel – the Startup Nation with the largest innovation capacity per capita in the world.

The workshops are free of charge and serve as a platform to exchange ideas, learn from each other and foster business relationships between participants.


CREATORS has reversed the innovation model by partnering with experienced entrepreneurs (pre-idea and pre-team) who want to build their next venture based on real market needs as identified by the strategic partners. The goal is to create new solutions that are challenging for the strategic partners to solve internally while also helping the entrepreneurs create a high-growth company. A win-win for everyone. CREATORS is the leading ideation lab in Israel trusted by Fortune 500 companies.

About Brain Embassy:

Innovation Champions Public Sector Workshop

REJESTRACJA: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/innovation-champions-public-sector-workshop-tickets-31068574944

Target Group: Public servants in the central and local governments, municipality representatives

Date & time: 6th February (Monday) at 9:00

Place: Brain Embassy, Adgar Park West, Al. Jerozolimskie 181, 02-222 Warsaw, Building “B” (fifth floor)


9:00 – open doors and networking
9:30 – Welcome by CREATORS and Brain Embassy
9:45-10:30 – About the Israeli public and private innovation ecosystems.

How the Startup Nation fosters its biggest asset.

10:30-10:45 – Coffee Break
10:45 – Building the ecosystem: fostering startup and innovation culture

The session focuses on the ways to create a friendly startup and innovation ecosystem and help innovative, digital economy grow.

11:45 – Bringing innovation to public institutions

The session focuses on substantial barriers to bringing digital and technological solutions to the public sector and the best practices to help overcome the challenges.

Case studies from Israel and the world about different programs and initiatives helping bring innovative and technological solutions to central and locals governments. Exchange about differences between Israeli and Polish institutions.

12:45-13:30 – Lunch and networking.

Innovation Champions – Investors Roundtable

REJESTRACJA: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/innovation-champions-investors-rountable-tickets-31074376296

Target Group:VC funds and angel groups based in Poland

Date & time:6th February (Monday) at 14:00

Place: Brain Embassy, Adgar Park West, Al. Jerozolimskie 181, 02-222 Warsaw, Building “B” (fifth floor)


14:00 – open doors and networking
14:15 – Welcome by CREATORS and Brain Embassy
14:30-15:30 – About the Israeli investment landscape and characteristics. Discussion about similarities, differences and challenges of Polish and Israeli investment ecosystems.
15:30-15:45 – Coffee Break
15:45 – Lessons learned from Israeli investors 1: Success – case study & discussion, Polish perspective
16:45 – Lessons learned from Israeli investors 2: Failure – case study & discussion, Polish perspective
17:30 – Snacks and networking.

Innovation Champions Corporate Workshop

REJESTRACJA: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/innovation-champions-corporate-workshop-tickets-31074654127

Target Group:Innovation leaders and senior directors/executives of multinational corporations and biggest Polish companies

Date & time:7th February (Tuesday) at 9:00

Place: Brain Embassy, Adgar Park West, Al. Jerozolimskie 181, 02-222 Warsaw, Building “B” (fifth floor)


9:00 – open doors and networking
9:30 – Welcome by CREATORS and Brain Embassy
9:45-10:45 – CREATORS “Corporate Innovation” research results & discussion
10:45-11:00 – Coffee Break
11:00 – Disruption: Strategy & Methods

During the session, we will explore the idea of digital disruption and explore (i) how disruption happens (ii) the new elements of digital strategy, and (iii) how to profit from the core elements of digital strategy, platforms, ecosystems and digital business models. The participants will explore tools from lean startup and business model innovation worlds to understand how to work with innovations – and the individuals behind them – that will create future growth. The session ends with a short case study.

12:00 – Challenges of Corporate Entrepreneurship

The session focuses on substantial barriers to entrepreneurship and innovation within large corporations. Those challenges for future cooperation with entrepreneurs include internal organization challenges, restrictive decision-making processes, missing competencies, institutional and individual attitudes to risk, organizational politics, and more. Based on the case studies and best practices, we will discuss the way to overcome the obstacles in seeking agility and growth.

13:00 – Lunch and networking.


Barak Goldstein – Venture Capitalist and Serial Entrepreneur

Barak Goldstein established his 1st venture at the age of 16, since then founded 2 international startups. His last startup was acquired by one of the 4 BIG Utilities in Europe. Barak worked with 26 markets in 3 continents, oversaw a 1$B portfolio in infrastructure projects and 90$M in Venture Capital, managed 300$M in technological products.

Since 2003, Barak is helping to build companies and investing as an Angel Investor, Scouter for
Multinational Corporations and previously as a partner at Terra Ventures – an Israel-based leading VC firm.

Monika Rozalska – Managing Director of CREATORS – IDEAtion Lab based in Tel Aviv, expert in innovation & ideation programs

Monika Rozalska serves as the Managing Director of CREATORS, an ideation lab that connects multinational corporations and experienced entrepreneurs to create a bridge between the corporate world and Israel’s Startup Nation to build groundbreaking technologies with a worldwide impact. Monika is a co-author of a report about 160+ corporate innovation programs. Before joining CREATORS, Monika was a Deputy Director of TheHive by Gvahim, a startup accelerator program for international teams in Israel.

Danny Hadar – Venture Partner at Peregrine Ventures, serial entrepreneur

Entrepreneur, Angel and Venture Capitalist, focusing on early stage investments in Enterprise Software, FinTech, Digital Health, Internet, Mobile and Life Sciences.

Danny is an active investor, investing so far in over 25 ventures, with a few notable exists in his portfolio, including Keeprz (Acquired by Como), Promodity (Acquired by AlgoMizer) and OptiTex (Acquired by Nasadq: EFII). Danny holds an MBA from Duke University.