Israel-Poland Bulletin 2017

We have published the “Israel-Poland” Bulletin in 2017 with a delay. We regret to inform you that Ruth Bernsztejn, who had been secretary of the Chamber for 29 years, died on January 3, 201...

Bulletin Israel-Poland 2016

The issue m.in .: OPEN A DOOR TO ISRAEL - technologies the door to modern Israel Israeli gas to Europe Gambling on the Red Sea - Las Vegas in Eilat?

Bulletin Israel-Poland 2015

The issue m.in .: There is no Polish Jews, there is no Polish Jews Where the Israelis want to go on vacation? Winds from the Far East Mysticism in the service of tourism

Bulletin Israel-Poland 2014

The issue m.in .: Cooperation with the prospect for the future Amazon in the bank Krzysztof Penderecki in Israel Revolution in the desert Pearls of the Polish Economy Madonna, kos

Bulletin Israel-Poland 2013

The issue m.in .: New business opportunities in Poland in 2013 Price war Israeli Economy: Place for credibility Politics and morality Israel's economic plans for 2013