Poland-Israel Chamber of Commerce since 13 February 1990 has been registered under number 58-015-688-3 in the register of Associations kept by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel. The Board is also affiliated with the Confederation of Chambers of Commerce. In the Administrative Chamber has partnered with the National Chamber of Commerce.
Poland-Israel Chamber of Commerce in Tel Aviv is engaged in activities for the development of Polish-Israeli economic cooperation.

The Chamber’s objectives are:

Improving the relationship and economic cooperation for mutual increase involvement in technical projects, technological and innovative.
- To bring to the common use of the achievements of scientific and business in both countries in areas such as IT, agriculture, renewable energy, ecology, construction waste.
- The establishment by the Board of real opportunities for business contacts Israeli and Polish
To stimulate long-term cooperation between companies, venture capitalists and universities with Polish and Israel
The use of experience and financial patterns business partners from Israel
Exchange of experiences and joint projects between businessmen from both countries
Promotion of House members as providers of services and products with their areas of activity

The Board shall carry out its tasks through the economic mission, training, seminars and conferences, fairs and exhibitions, and preparing publications. Members of the Chamber benefit from support for the organisation of trips, business contacts, meetings with representatives of the Administration, as well as reductions and reductions related to business travel in both countries.

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