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The Statute Of The Chamber Of Commerce Of Israel-Poland

The Statute Of The Chamber Of Commerce Of Israel-Poland

1. The full name of the Chamber of Commerce: Chamber of Commerce Israel-Poland-hereinafter referred to as the Chamber

2. The Board is registered as an association in accordance with the law on Associations in 1980, becoming in this way a legal entity pursuant to section 8 of this Act The Objectives Of The Chamber Of Commerce

3. The Board will have to strengthen and deepen economic relations and trade between Israel and Poland in areas such as industry, trade, agriculture, industry, banking, tourism, and cooperation scientific research.
b.  the Board will act to establish bilateral relations with similar and parallel institutions and agents in Israel and Poland, which are interested in the realization of these objectives.
c. the Board will provide help and advice to its members, manufacturers exporters and importers, and all those who want to work towards the development of economic and trade relations between Israel and Poland.
d. the Board shall represent their members in their dealings with the Government, Embassy of
Polish, economic missions and all the economic factors and dealing with financial matters between the two countries.
e. the Board will initiate cooperation between Israel and Poland in such areas such as industry, trade, agriculture, shipbuilding, banking, tourism and scientific research cooperation.
f. the Board will act on all levels of the economic and social leading to zaciśnienia trade and economic relations between the Israel and Poland.
g. the Board will not deal with, or, directly or indirectly, and commercial activities.

4. in order to carry out the statutory objectives, the Board:

a. would initiate formal steps and aimed at admistracyjne facilitating and rozszrzenie economic and trade relations between the Israel and Poland.
b.  the Board will help in training exporters and impoterów, who are commercial activity in Poland.

c.  the Board will help businessmen in contacts with Israeli economic factors and the local representatives of the sector of the business.
d. the Board shall be empowered to issue recommendations and certificates in cases concerning its activities in the framework of their prerogatives.
e.  with a view to deepen contacts and the enrichment of knowledge of economic and the economic relations between Israel and Poland, the Board will seminars, meetings, and prelecje dedicated to the issues of mutual interest
f. If you asked for it, the Board will take action on the nature of the
polubowno-mediation in disputes between the members of the Chamber of Commerce, between the members of the Chambers of Commerce and businessmen do not associate and between the members of the Chamber of Commerce, and factors in Poland. This sphere of activity includes issues related to the the activities of the Chamber and its objectives.
g. Chamber to circulate knowledge and information on the subjects of economic, social and cultural activities by issuing bulletins, brochures and catalogues.
h. the Chamber will support research on economics and the economy of Israel and Polish in the context of the bilateral trade relations.
i. the Board will act on all levels as it deems appropriate to carry out its statutory purposes and to strengthen cooperation between the Israel and Poland.

5. Membership

a. a member of the Chamber of Commerce can be an individual person or organisation, which
payment of contributions was approved by the Board and which is governed by the the objectives set out in the statutes of the Chamber.
b. in accordance with paragraph 3a of the Statute, the Executive Board shall be entitled to grant
Honorary membership to the person as an individual or legal entity for his contribution in the activities for the development of relations with Poland and in the implementation of the the purpose of the by-laws of the Chamber. The decision in this case must be approved by the The General Assembly, after prior discussion by the forum for and the merit of the candidate for honorary member. Honorary membership requires a worthy representation of the Chamber of Commerce, in accordance with its Statute and the rules in force legal standards. Honorary Member has the right of an ordinary member, including active and passive electoral law to all organs and the institutions of the Union.

6. Approving members

a. the candidate as a member of the Chamber of Commerce is expected to return with a written request to the Board, by filling out a special questionnaire which was developed in accordance with the the guidelines of paragraph 1 of the Statute, set out in the appendix to the law on Associations
from the 1980 ‘s.
b. Figure request shall undertake to comply with the Statute of the Chamber of Commerce.
(c) the decision of the acceptance of the candidate membership of the Chamber depends on the decision of the The Board of Directors and is the exclusive prerogatywie of the Board
d. the organization which is a member of the Chamber of Commerce should inform the Board of Directors, who will be represented. Each organization will be represented by one person will have the right to participate in the vote. At the same time, however, in this case the Board of Directors may provide otherwise.

7. Rights and obligations of members

a. each Member shall pay the fee determined by the Board of Directors.
b. a way of payment and the amount of the penalty for ewewntualne backlog will be determined by the Board of Directors.
c. members of the Chamber are entitled to use all services of the Chamber.
d. each Member shall be entitled to vote at the annual general meeting The Assembly and the meetings convened in extraordinary rendition, provided that it has paid the premiums.
e. each Member may be elected to any position in the Chamber under the provided that you have paid the annual fee within the time limit to 30 March.

8. Deprivation of membership

a. If the Board so decides, a member of the House, which has not paid the annual contributions cease to be a member. Such a decision requires the Board to send him written notice 30 days prior to the final decision. The final date on which you must pay an annual membership fee is 30 March each year. If its not pay, a member of the House will be able to submit an explanation before the decision In his case. New members pay the contribution from the date on which the they were members of the Chamber.
b. the Board has the right to deny membership in the Chamber, if the Member does not perform
the purpose of the Statute, the resolutions of the General Assembly, acted to the detriment of the Chamber of Commerce or found guilty of committing his shameful crime.

c. before being stripped of membership, the Management Board shall permit a member submission
the relevant explanations.
d. the decision about deprivation of membership according to point ‘ b ‘ requires the acceptance of the at least three-quarters of the composition of the Management Board.
e. a person who has been deprived of membership, is not entitled to reimbursement of paid contributions.
f.. the representative of the organization selected to one of the instances of management of the Chamber, will cease to be a member, if represented by it organisation will cease to be a member of the House, if by this Organization released from his position in the House, and if it was zwolniny by the Assembly. Does not apply to case in which the Member was admitted to the Chamber of Commerce in person and selected personally, one of the Executive.

9. the annual general meeting

a. Ordinary General meeting of the members of the Assembly will be carried out in accordance
with the provisions of the Statute at least once a year.
b. Invitation to the annual general meeting will be sent to all members of at least 10 days before the date of the general meeting, normal mail at the address shown in the records of the Chamber. In the invitation should be the order of the day.
c. the annual general meeting shall elect among the members of the participating at the meeting, the Chairman of the meeting and the Secretary.
d. the Board shall submit an annual General report on the Zgromadzeniowi its activities and the financial statements covering the period which has elapsed since the the previous General Assembly.
e. General Assembly will discuss and approve the financial statements of the Board and the
selection of the speaker. The General Assembly is entitled to determine the the Chamber’s policy and to instruct the odpwiedniego Board of Directors.
f. General Assembly will have effect if it will attend at least 10 percent of the members of the Chamber.
g. If this condition is not fulfilled and within the time limit runs out the quorum for the annual meeting of the General Assembly will be postponed for half an hour. After this time the General Assembly
deliberations will begin and will be entitled to take a decision and resolutions independently the number of members participating in the General Assembly.
h. only a member of the House will be able to take part in the vote on the forum The annual general meeting or extraordinary general meeting If the Assembly will be physically present on it. The general meeting Choose the Board of Review, the Commission or the auditor.

10. Extraordinary General meeting

a. extraordinary General Assembly shall meet every time once such a decision by the Board of Directors. The Board decides about place, date and the order of the day. To convene the extraordinary general meeting they can also decide to members of the Chamber, where one-tenth of all members of the Audit Committee and requests this in writing.
b. notice of Extraordinary General meeting will be circulated in accordance with the guidelines contained in paragraph 9b.
c during the meeting of the Nadzwyczjnego of the General Assembly, the Choose the Chairman of the meeting and the Secretary.
d. Extraordinary General meeting may deliberate on each point in the order of the day.
e. Paragraphs 9f and 9 h shall also apply in relation to the extraordinary The General Assembly, taking into account the necessary changes arising from the substantive reasons.

11. the decision-making process by the annual general meeting and special general meeting

Decisions of the annual general meeting and Extraordinary General meeting The Congregation will be taken by a simple majority, if the grounds formal-legal statutes do not require this. In the case of the same amount the vote, the outcome of the vote may decide the President of the Assembly.

12. the Honorary titles of President and vice Presidents

The General Assembly has the right to grant the titles of Honorary President and Honorary vice Presidents. Highlighted in this way, the person will be committed to worthy to represent the Association on the outside, for in accordance with the statutory objectives of the Chamber of Commerce and to the promotion of the measures taken by her ventures.

13. the President of the Chamber of Commerce

a. the President of the Chamber will be elected by a simple majority of votes of the participants Of The General Assembly. His term will last three years.
b. the general meeting shall elect at least four vice presidents of Chamber, Honorary Treasurer for a period of two years.

14. the Executive Board shall

a. the Board of Management will be guided by having all permissions including those that were not in the Act on Associations of the 1980s, the provisions regarding the General Assembly or any other instance of the Chamber.
b. the Management Board shall be elected by the general meeting for a two-year term. The Board will count at least four members.
c. the Board will consist of the President of the Chamber, who shall act as President and at least four vice presidents and Honorary Treasurer. They all shall be elected by the General Assembly. At the same time, the Board will be invited observers from the Institute of Export, Industrialists, Association of Chambers of Commerce, the Ministry of trade and industry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and trade atachatu of the Polish Embassy. Observers are not members of the Association and, therefore, will not be members of the Executive Board and other and the structures of the Association. Therefore, they will not have powers the members of the Board of Directors and the other instance of the Association. May participate in the meetings of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly, but may not speak opinions and may not in any way affect the process of making decision.
d. the Management Board shall be their duties until the annual general meeting the new Board of Directors.
e. Board Member, who was not present at 50 percent or more of the meetings of the The Board of Directors at the time of his or her term of Office, will not be able to submit your for an additional term if the Board with the consent of the President do not accept this by a simple majority.
f. the Board shall decide on the forms of its activity to pass at the same time some of the prerogatives of their choice to the members of the Subcommittee.
g. the Board shall appoint the Director of the Chamber, shall determine its competence and shall determine its working conditions and the amount of equipment.
h. the Board decides who will have the right to sign documents Chamber of Commerce and zobiązań. Members of the Board of Directors and shall not receive remuneration
j. the necessary quorum for meetings of the Board of Directors will be at least 3 members including the President or his Deputy.
k. the Board will process the content of the meetings and resolutions taken protokol. l. decisions of the Governing Board shall be taken by a simple majority vote. If the vote goes to a tie, the proposal of the resolution does not will be adopted.

15. Audit Committee

a. Audit Committee will be elected by the general meeting for a period of two years it enters into at least three members.
b. Audit Committee will check the financial activities of the Chamber and its accounts. In this report the Commission will submit for approval to the General Meeting.
c. the general meeting may decide that instead of the Audit Committee be appointed auditor.

16. The auditor of the Chamber of Commerce

The General Assembly shall appoint the auditor of the Chamber of Commerce, which will take up to control Accounts and financial statements of the Chamber.

17. The keeping of accounting documentation and receipts

a. the assets and income of the Chamber will be used only and exclusively for the implementation of the
the purpose of the by-laws of the Chamber. It is forbidden to share the earnings between the members of the Chamber of Commerce in any form.
b. the Board will conduct blocks accounts, which reflect the full and warygodny picture of the financial situation of the Board.
c. each Member of the Chamber of Commerce has the right to inspect accounting blocks in the
the work of the Office of the Chamber of Commerce.
d. the Board shall approve and submit to the approval of the Manufacturing Assembly the financial statements of the Chamber, upon inspection and approval by the Auditor, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 16.

18. the budget of the Chamber

The proposal of the annual budget of the Chamber, developed by the President of the Chamber,
Honorary Treasurer and Director, will be presented to the Management Board for approval before each new financial year commencing 1 January.

19. The changes in the statutes of the Chamber

a. proposal to amend the statutes of the Chamber will be presented for approval to the Zwołanemu general meeting in regular mode or extraordinary mode.
b.  proposals for changes to statuwych should be presented to the Executive Board, which least 30 days before the date of the general meeting. Notice of the convocation of the General Assembly, should include information on the the proposed changes.
c. changes in the statutes of the Chamber, take effect if they are approved by at least two-thirds of the participants of the general meeting The Congregation.


a. the Board shall have the right during the General Assembly decide to voluntarily the same solution and of the appointment of the liquidator or liquidators. The decision requires approval by at least two-thirds of the participants of the general meeting Of the Congregation, who 21 days in advance together with the notice of the date of The General Assembly, like all members of the Chamber were informed of the planned solution.
b. After deciding to solve hardware and fortune after a Chamber of Commerce settlement of all debts and receivables financing, will be transferred to another public body in accordance with the letter and spirit of paragraph 9b the provisions of the income tax act. Equipment and assets will be divided between its members. About how to transfer the equipment and assets of the House of another the institution decides the General Assembly convened in regular mode or the extraordinary.


To become a member of the Israel Chamber of Commerce-Poland please fill in below form and send it to the House of PDF placed by fax on number + 972 3561 2467 or via email to the address zarzad@israel-poland.pl

Membership form

The company shall charge to 30 March for each year: on account of the House of Israel
Bank Hapoalim, 527, 65. Allenby St., Tel Aviv
Account no 294,241, swift: 125,270,000,294,241 iban code,
– large companies of 2000 (two thousand) shackles,
– small and medium-sized companies in the amount of 1000 (one thousand) shackles,


on account of the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Henry Lewińskiego in Warsaw

Getting Bank in Warsaw, ul. John Paul II, 80,
60 1560 0013 2000 1762 4087 5702 account no.

  • large companies of 2000 (two thousand) dollars
    – small and medium-sized companies in the amount of 1000 (one thousand) dollars

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