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Sat-Guard Defence Security

Sat-Guard Defence Security sp. O.o. sp. kom. is a company that carries out comprehensive services related to safety and security.
She gained her experience in the framework of the SAT-GUARD operating for 16 years in the security industry on the Polish market. The idea of our company is to provide security through physical protection of persons and property, technical and electronic security systems of the latest generation. Implement new projects, conduct analyzes, audits and consultations.

Our package offer includes a range of expertise, so that we realize the program in the framework of the so-called. INTEGRATED SYSTEM PROTECTION.

Our target is the product of customer satisfaction with a given him a sense of security. We aim to do this by creating innovative and original solutions. Their level meets the latest European standards – they are simple and at the same time modern. Our goal is to build protection systems according to individual needs and requirements of our customers.

Specialists Sat-Guard Defence Security sp. O.o. sp. kom. they share their knowledge and experience with clients in order to create a “IDEA OF SAFETY” forming the maximum and professional security system.

We employ highly qualified personnel with experience of working in the administrations of state and local government institutions and international corporate groups with global reach. Staff Sat-Guard Defence Security sp. O.o. sp. kom. is a team of highly skilled professionals from various fields. With an emphasis on the development of intensively expanding our knowledge. Staff-to-date acquainted with the law, regularly takes part in specialized courses and trainings, meets European and global trends and solutions in the wider protection.

To ensure the safety of our customers, we offer complete equipment of the latest generation of technical security systems and electronic – assemble, install and operate CCTV CCTV with recording and access control systems.

Supporting the human factor the latest developments in the field of technology and electronics used in the security industry is a guarantee the performance of services corresponding to the highest standards, which are in line with European standards and the highest industry standard.