Schubert Jewerely

The origins of our company date back to the nineteenth – century Vienna, where Sixtus Schubert founded his own studio goldsmiths.

In her privacy he initiated and developed the tradition that is continued and improved since 1962. When the company started its activity Art Studio Jewelery Schubert founded by Eustachy Schubert. From now on, our company is popular and highly respected. Schubert Jewerely – its business includes the manufacture of jewelry, which are the raw material precious metals and natural stones. The company also exports of jewelry, but the foundation of the business continues to this day is selling jewelry all over the country.

Jeweler Schubert has the character of the family business, which companies are owned by individual members of the family. This website is dedicated to the part of the company led by Sebastian Schubert. The beginning of the 90s was a period of vigorous development and expansion of the dealership network, which includes the location of the largest cities on Polish territory. As a result, Jeweler Schubert is one of the largest networks of jewelery

The particular characteristics and specifics of design of our stores creates for you in a friendly atmosphere and helps differentiate us from the competition.

In order to satisfy our customers, we offer very competitive prices, but it is not our strength. Our greatest asset is our customers, returning after a unique piece of jewelry, you can find here.