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Innovation Champions Workshops

Innovation Champions Workshops Series of value-driven sessions between Startup Nation’s experts and the Polish innovation ecosystem leaders. CREATORS and the Brain Embassy invite you to take part in a workshop to boost your innovation strategy, knowledge of the newest trends and know-how of the tools and methods straight from Israel – the

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Asaf Avidan concerts in Poland

After almost two years of absence, the charismatic lead singer of Israel returns to Polish! Alone with his guitar does what it can do best - going deep into each other, creating moments of pure emotion that provide the audience with his unique voice. Sold out concerts around the world, headlining performances

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Israelis at the conference Wolves Summit in Warsaw

Israeli entrepreneurs, investors and journalists took part in the fourth edition of this event connecting startups, managers and academics from over 50 different countries. - Wolves Summit, through its international networkingowy character, is an opportunity to promote Polish as a country of creative people and innovative ideas, and at the

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